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The scarves are $35.00 for each 15x72 inch scarf you make ,and all you need is a minimum of 10 scarves total
and of course you and your guests are welcome to can do as many as you like. We are 100% self-contained
and fully insured with very adequate padding and floor covering. We do numerous indoor and outdoor events
at museums, art centers, etc. on a variety of floors surfaces and have the resources to set up anywhere.
We have the option of setting up two or more marbling stations, so we can accommodate any number of
participants. When there are large numbers of people waiting ,it makes a significant different in the waiting
time, as we can have at least two or more people making a scarf at a time.

Also remember that since we are making prints with paint instead of dyes the colors will never fade, run or
wash out.

The art of taking a print from ink floating on water was first developed in Japan and by the 12th century the art
of Suminagashi had been established. In the beginning of the 15th century the art of marbling would make its
entrance into Turkey by way of the Silk Road where the use of all an all water based art form was developed.

Ebru or Turkish Marbling is a classical marbling technique producing one-of-a-kind floating pictures.
Choosing from a wide variety of colors, liquid paints are placed on top of a thickened transparent fluid bath,
creating a unique color palette, which can then be manipulated to create an endless array of designs. This is
done using combs, rakes and hand held styluses. Beautiful patterns and various other effects are created by
drawing through a second application of paint that is placed directly on top of the first. Finally, a single print of
the composed design is transferred to paper or silk.

School residencies /one day and fully planned extended artist in-residence programs

View Richard's PBS special "Ebru World Arts", a WHYY Experience

We developed these programs so participants could create beautiful, high quality, wearable art for themselves, and to introduce a one of a kind, hand marbled silk scarf fashion line.

We are a privately owned art program, and not affiliated with any other scarf painting programs of its kind.

We are the ORIGINAL CREATORS and use only the highest quality silk and specially developed paints that will not change the hand of the silk. Our scarves are 100% guaranteed to never run, wash out or fade.

The art of Ebru has for five centuries intrigued, fascinated and inspired the imagination by creating soft, warm colored images, laced with exciting, never ending patterns, lines, swirls, and figured images.

The Turkish art “Ebru” and Japanese “Suminagashi” stand alone as the only art forms created by designing and printing floating pictures on water.